Free Joost invites to give away!

May 7, 2007 at 3:47 pm (Uncategorized)

Relocated to :



  1. adsfjhkdsfajhklas said,


  2. Dan said,

    Please send invite to

  3. joost said,


  4. joost said,

  5. PPorter said,

    I am interested in getting a Joost account in order understand how the future online viewing is developing. Currently, I am writing a paper on it at college, Thanks for your consideration.

  6. Frank Smialek said,


    I’m interested in a Joost invite if you still have some to spare. I’d like to be able to review it on my blog. Thanks much!

  7. joshanda said,

    Please please give me an invite.

  8. LJ Tigre said,

    May I please have a Joost invite???

    Many thanks.

  9. Chris Cloud said,

    I would like one for beta testing purposes for my job. Thank you for sharing the love. Nice blog. iamchriscloud @ gmail . com

  10. Steven R.M. said,

    I\’d like a Joost invite, please! As an ex-pat now living in a non-english speaking country, it will be great to have more viewing choices. Send along to wombfruit [at]


  11. pgp987 said,

    I’d love to get an invitation to review joost.
    pgp987 [at] walla [dot] com

  12. beta testing said,

    hello there,

    please send an invite to

    My company is asking me to beta test Joost! however, they want me to freelance it. I would like an invite so I can do this. Thanks

  13. Stefan said,

    can i get an invite too please? 🙂 would be very nice 🙂 thx Stefan

  14. Luiz Ricardo Raulino said,

    can u send me a joost’s invite?

  15. J-Bo said,

    Thanks for the invite! Joost is pretty cool, I just wish my internet was a little faster.

  16. JayC said,

    I would love to get a Joost invite too…

    Thx in advance.

  17. Star said,

    Can I please have a joost invite?

  18. killian said,

    Thanks a lot! 😀

  19. yusuf said,

    Please send a joost invite to
    thank u very much
    ı waiting…

  20. Brandy said,

  21. Brandy said,

    Sorry, didn’t mean to post that without a ‘please, if you could’/’thank you if you do’ send an invite.

  22. lee said,

    please sir!

  23. Carl said,

    I really want one!
    Please 😉

  24. Blackzak said,

    I need an invite JOOST in case!

  25. Von said,

    Are you going to review it soon mongoose? I’ve heard all the hype about it, but I don’t wish to join if its just another Web 2.0 “peer” “social” “networking” “” myspace/facebook/flickr/bebo/etc wannabe

    After visiting it does appear to be a new born Web 2.0 clone, just look at the glassy rounded buttons, it says it all for me. Also, another VERY annoying video starts to play without asking first (this is yet another Web 2.0 phenomenon……wonderful….). Thumbs down from me before I even try it!

    Being all hypocritical now, I would actually like to see what its all about, as long as no software/account is needed for me! I’ll take a look at someone else’s expense!

  26. Von (again sorry, shame you cant edit these...) said,

    I guess its going to be DRMed to the brim…

    Another reason to ignore it!

    (I can’t wait to see how the RIAA/MPAA/devil will react if it isn’t)

  27. Dinho said,

    thanks for the invite to joost.

  28. Dinho said,

    thanks for the joost invite.

  29. kar said,

    thanks man…. i’ll share the wealth as soon as i can

  30. Joe said,

    Would love an invite if I’m not too late.

  31. Noah said,

    Hey – thanks for the invite. Super quick of you – and you came to the rescue when no-one I knew had access.

    Internet at it’s best: and Joost is pretty good too!


  32. iRock said,

    An invite would be really cool – if there’re any left…

    thanks in advance…

  33. steve said,

    would be cool to have an invite, thanks anyways

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